How Journaling Changed My Life

I want to share my story of how journaling became therapudic and healing for me. I would have never had an opportunity to sharpen my writing skills, if it wasn’t for journaling. In addition, I may have never discovered my love for writing and journaling if I did not start to write my thoughts on paper. Journaling has been one of the most rewarding things I have included in my time of meditation and reflection.

One of the first places in my life journaling became necessary, when I had no one to talke to. I began writing letters to God. At the end of each letter, I would write a prayer or confession related to whatever was on my mind at that time. I would begin my letters with, “Dear God” and my thoughts would begin to flow from there. Sometimes, before I realized it, I have written five or six pages without stopping. I believed once I addressed my issues, concerns, and questions to God, I went to sleep assured that God would give me direction and guidance in my life. In addition, in my letter to God, I can be as transparent as I want to be, and never had to worry about what I said being told to someone else. God was my confidant and friend.


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