Self Care

This is a subject that I am experiencing now in my life. I have come to the place where I realize the importance of self-care. As women, we have been taught and conditioned that it’s ok to neglect everything about yourself to help and serve others. Yes, I agree it good to help others, but it’s not good when we totally neglect ourselves to do for others. When we pour out from a depleted place and never find the time to get refilled, we end up in a place of emptiness and brokeness. While we are dealing with this it leads to exhaustion, depression and frustrations. Then we feel we have been taken advantage of, mistreated, used and abused, but in actuality we allowed ourselves to slowly drift in a low place. Putting the best on the outside, smiling when we feel like crying, and taking on more when you know you don’t have anymore to give. If we can just learn to say “NO” and realize we are not everyone’s savior. We are not called to fight everyone’s battle, put out all the fires and to fix everyone or everything that is broken. Within this past year, while in therapy, I found out how unhealthy I have become mentally, emotionally, spiritually and pysically because I over extended myself in places, things and situations, that God never told me to be involved in. I got off from track from my God ordained assignment helping others. I have waisted so much time doing things without consulting God. In the last phase of this year, God is helping me to detox, detach and cut off those things that are unhealthy. He is helping me each day to focus more on my gifts which I am now finding to be such a fulfilling and peaceful place.


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