Relationship Tips

Where would we be without relationships? We were created to relate to one another. One of the greatest relationship example we have is how Christ relates to us. His love is unconditional and his forgiveness never ends. He is patient and kind at all times. He sacraficed his life to save us. What or who can ask for a greater relationship than this?

I think communication is key to a healthy relationship. The lack of communication can quickly destroy a productive relationship. Relationships can be illustrated in many different ways; love, friends, and family. I believe when love is involved, relationships are built on committment and sacrafice. A healthy friendship can lead to a lifetime relationship. Among family, there are relationships we can’t avoid. We may not like each other, but we can’t get away from each other because we are family. I believe there are six key factors we must address within ourselves before we can have healthy relationships:



The Risk

Our Fears

Emotional and Mental Health

My Past

In the next blog, I will address all six areas that affect how we relate to others. I want to address all the myths, issues and fears of relationships. We are going to discover and discuss what it really takes to have a healthy relationship among friends, family and business partners.


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